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1200 Automated Fiber Handler

Automated stripping, cleaning, cleaving, and coupling of fibers to test system pigtails

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The 1200 Automated Fiber Handler integrates two core Photon Kinetics technologies: ultrasonic fiber cleaving and low loss fiber coupling with a novel non-contact fiber cleaning method to provide high-speed, low loss temporary coupling of fiber spool ends to the pigtails of test systems such as the 8000 OTDR, and the 2880 Fiber Analysis System. The 1200’s modular design makes it possible to deploy its automated fiber handling capability in facilities having either traditional or automated fiber spool handling, enabling manufacturers to achieve maximum testing efficiency and throughput.

Features and Benefits
High speed, low loss automated fiber preparation and coupling
  • Reduces fiber preparation and temporary coupling time by 25-50%
  • Improves measurement quality and reduces measurement time
  • Maximizes operator productivity by allowing them to simultaneously test and attend to other test stations or duties
Compatible with a range of spool handling and fiber end loading strategies
  • Enables a complete range of automation deployments from manual to semi-automated to fully automated fiber loading
Handler and component-level modularity
  • Minimizes maintenance costs, maximizes test station availability

Fibers Prepared 125 µm cladding with 250 µm acrylate coating
Preparation and Alignment
< 30 seconds
Splice Loss < 1 dB, < 0.1 dB typical
Splice Reflectance < -40 dB, < -50 dB typical
Process Efficiency > 99%
Dimensions (W x L x H) 22 x 64 x 46 cm
Facility Requirements Plant air: < 5 cfm @ 100 psig
Power: 110/220/240V, 50/60Hz

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